Tech Radar Trends Quarter 2 2024

10-04-2024Ricardo Amado

Unsurprisingly there are news in the javascript world, we are adding Svelte to our Trial ring. Considering the community size, fast growth and the adoption by major companies Svelte is gripping a spot among the most popular javascript frameworks it’s clear that Svelte deserves consideration whenever a new Web Application project is considered.


At the same time, we are revisiting React, strong competition in the js SPA market pushed React towards true compilation (although jsx had to be transpiled to js, it was never compiled in the traditional sense), the change was announced and is expected by the end of the year. This has the potential to improve React’s performance and allows simplification of a lot of code including memoization and forward refs bringing React, a mature tool with major FANG support, closer to new fast growing newcomers like Vue, Solid and Svelte. Although this change doesn’t reflect an update in React’s Tech Radar circle it gives us great confidence for it’s future. 

At the same time we are adding Next.js to the Radar, considering we have used at least it’s routing capabilities in most React projects we have developed, it’s long overdue.


Turning to Azure, Event Grid has been a recent addition to our stack and one of the quickest adoption services we have evaluated recently, it just works.

Still on the subject of web services, Redis recently announced major Licensing changes. Fortunately the latest news from Microsoft give us confidence that Azure Cache for Redis will remain unchanged, regardless of this update our team will evaluate in-memory data store and cache alternatives to Redis to guarantee we always expertly advise our clients and provide high quality solutions.


Finally we are upgrading Python as a language to the Adopt tier, Python as a scripting language has been used in countless projects at DXspark to help accelerate and automate project related tasks.

Although we don’t consider frameworks like Django, Flask, FastAPI or PyTorch as part of our main web stacks, popular Python libraries like NumPy and Pandas have been some of our favorites when a project requires Data Analysis and Beautiful Soup is probably our most used library when scrapping html and xml data.


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