Scheduling room meetings made easy with Meettab


Meettab, a new meeting room scheduling platform, is here to streamline your workday and eliminate the stress of managing your busy schedule. Produced by DXspark, it is now available for every companies and teams.  

Meettab integrates seamlessly with existing Office 365 calendar, allowing anyone to browse available meeting rooms and book them directly within the platform. No more switching between applications or wasting time walking from floor to floor searching for an open space.

Meettab's user-friendly interface provides a clear overview of room availability, making it easy to find the perfect space for your next meeting, whether it's a quick brainstorm or a large presentation. The platform empowers anyone to manage schedule on the go with its convenient mobile app. Anyone can book rooms remotely, reschedule meetings with a few taps, and stay informed with real-time alerts about any changes.

Save time, foster collaboration and productivity. Get Meettab.